How to keep your knife healthy?

Knives are undoubtedly one of the indispensable elements in any kitchen, since we use them in the preparation of any dish, from slicing, slicing, chopping, they are present in practically the entire process of preparing and consuming a meal.

But more than just a kitchen utensil, knives are a work tool and, like any other tool, require care to maintain their performance. In this article we will present you with some useful tips, which will help to keep your knives perfect and sharp and thus prolong their useful life.

How to keep your knife healthy?

Main precautions to take:

  • Store the knives in a specific space, be it a block or a drawer;
  • Choose to use good quality cutting boards. The cutting boards in glass or ceramic, wear the knives more quickly, there are good options either in wood or plastic;
  • Wash your knives by hand, thus avoiding washing them in the dishwasher, especially if they are long-bladed knives. Pay attention to the blade in order to handle the knife safely when washing it;
  • If you choose to wash the knives in the dishwasher, be sure to separate the knives from each other, so as not to damage the blade and use the appropriate pads in order to enhance the cleaning power of the dishwasher and maintain the shine of your knife.

How to sharpen your knife?

The choice of the indicated sharpening dod is very important, at Cutevelox you will find a range of sharpening rod from the most prestigious brands, suitable for professional use, but also suitable for home use.

There are 3 types of sharpening steels:

  1. Steel – Steel sharpening rod are easy to handle, practical for everyday use and remove little material. These sharpening rod are not suitable for knives with a damaged edge.
  2. Ceramics – Ceramic sharpening rod are hard-surface rod that can be used quickly and efficiently. They remove some material and its incorrect use can damage the knife edge.
  3. Diamond – Diamond sharpening rod like ceramic sharpening rod are also quick and efficient at sharpening the knife and removing material. The diamond coating wears out quickly and incorrect use can damage the knife edge.

See here the different options of sharpening rod and manual sharpeners that we have and if you need advice or have any questions, contact us.

In addition to keeping the blade of your knife sharp, washing and drying it after use is essential to keep the blade healthy. To avoid limescale stains on the blade, choose to dry your knives with a cotton or linen towel right after washing, instead of letting them air dry.

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