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About Us

and the reason for our existence.

We were born from the need to offer to the professional market high quality utensils combined with a modern and avant-garde style.

From the precision of the handle to the cutting blades, our cutlery is developed with top quality materials, with high precision and design rigor, created and tested by qualified professionals. Each product is developed in a meticulous and promomised way, with the most modern technology in order to guarantee the efficiency of the functionality for any use. In addition to the cutlery area, and aimed at the business market, CUTEVELOX has protective and safety equipment and specialized and sanitized work clothing, required by companies.

Our products strictly obey and respect the European Union’s criteria and they are sold exclusively on our e-commerce platform. We guarantee the shipment of the products in the best conditions.

The best cutting and professional tools.

At CUTEVELOX our main mission is to bring together in our online store, the best selection of professional products, with an excellent quality-price ratio and the best quality guarantee. From A to Z, we guarantee that in our online store you will find everything you need, for the day to day of your business.

''Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.'' - Ralph Marston

It is not the tools that make the master, but the master who shapes the tools.